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Fisheries (Coastal Communities) Regulations 2009.

These Regulations make provision with respect to coastal communities referred to in Schedule I and special management areas designated therein to each coastal community. The Regulations set out the bo...
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Environment Protection (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2014.

These Regulations provide rules for (preliminary) environmental impact assessment and establish the Environmental Assessment Task Force. A preliminary environmental assessment report shall be prepared...
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Regulation of Sichuan Province on rural poverty alleviation and development.

The aim of this Regulation is to regulate the rural poverty alleviation and development in SichuanProvince. The Text consists 61 Articles divided into 9 Chapters: General Provisions(I); Objects of pov...
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Regulation of President of the RI No. 1/2014 establishing the Guidelines for Compiling General Plan on National Energy.

This Regulation, consisting of 6 Chapters and 1 Annex, establishes the Guidelines for Compiling General Plan on National Energy (RUEN). The objectives of this Presidential Regulation cover: preparatio...
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Agreement for the Establishment of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

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ASEAN Agreement on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

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Convention on the Sustainable Management of the Lake Tanganyika

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Constitution of Palau.

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Constitution of Myanmar.

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Constitution of Malaysia.

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