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Notification of the Ministry of Environment and Forests regarding coastal zone regulation.

The Central Government hereby declares the coastal stretches of seas, bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and backwaters which are influenced by tidal action (in the landward side) up to 500 metres from t...
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Executive Order adopting the Mt. Makiling Reserve Area and Laguna De Bay Region Master Plan, providing for the implementation thereof and for other purposes (No. 349).

Executive Order No. 121, dated 24 August 1993, constituted the Mt. Makiling Reserve Area and Laguna de Bay Commission. Section 4 of said Executive Order directed the Commission to formulate and submit...
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Republic Act authorizing the sale of marshy lands or lands under water bordering on shores or banks of navigable lakes or rivers (No. 293).

The provisions of section 61 of Commonwealth Act No. 141 to the contrary notwithstanding, marshy lands, and lands underwater bordering on shores or banks of navigable lakes or rivers which are covered...
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Joint Decree of the Minister of Transmigration and the Settlement of Forest Squatters, the Minister of Forestry and the Minister of Agriculture re the development of people's forest transmigration.

The aim of the present Decree is to create harmony in planning, implementation, supervision and control of the development of "Trans -HR" and within this framework to enhance opportunities f...
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Plant Pest Quarantine Law.

This Act creates a legal framework for the prevention of quarantine pests from entering Myanmar, for fighting the spreading of quarantine pests, and for carrying out of treatment of plants or plant pr...
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Fisheries Law of the People's Republic of China.

This Law consists of 6 Chapters divided into 50 articles: General provisions (I); Aquaculture (II); Fishing (III); Increase and protection of fishery resources (IV); Legal liability (V); Supplementary...
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Fisheries Act 1982.

Principal objectives of this Act are: (a) ensuring the conservation, preservation of the living resources through the implementation of proper fisheries management measures; (b) achieving the optimum ...
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Decision No. 25/2000/QD-TTg approving the feasibility project on the protection and development of coastal submerges land areas in the provinces of Ca Mau, Bac Liue, Soc Trang and Tra Vinh in South Vietnam.

This Decision of the Prime Minister approves the
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Environmental Reform (Consequential Provisions) Act 1999 (Act No. 92 of 1999).

The amendments of Acts by the present Act are incorporated in updated versions of those Acts. They are consequentional to the introduction of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation A...
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Animals Act 1967.

This Act, profoundly amended by the Biosecurity Act 1993 and other amending Acts, regulates and places restrictions on the importation of animals and selected animal products. No person shall import o...
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