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Loi nº 13-2003 portant code de l'eau.

Le présent Code a pour objet la mise en oeuvre d'une politique nationale de l'eau visant à: assurer une utilisation rationnelle de la; ressource en eau afin de répondre aux besoins en eau de...
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Marine Living Resources Regulations.

These Regulations implement and give effect to provisions of the Marine Living Resources Act with respect to: management and conservation of fish resources and other marine living resources including ...
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Nature and Environmental Conservation Ordinance.

This Ordinance provides with respect to a wide variety of matters regarding nature conservation in the province of the Cape of Good Hope. It established the Department of Nature and Environmental Cons...
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Water Resources Management Act, 2004 (No. 284 of 2004).

This Act provides for the management and conservation of all water resources of Namibia, including inland waters, the sea and meteoric water, i.e. water that occurs in or is delivered from the atmosph...
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Fish Act (Cap. 197)

This Act makes provision with respect to fisheries in Uganda and the purchase, sale, marketing and processing of fish.
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Game (Preservation and Control) Act 1959 (Cap. 198).

This Act, in its consolidated version, contains the following Schedules: Animals not to be hunted or captured throughout Uganda except under special permit; Animals which may be hunted under basic and...
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Plant Control Act, 1981.

This Act makes provision for a wide range of measures for the protection of plants, plant reproduction material and timber against diseases and pests including noxious weeds, insects (including honey ...
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Décret exécutif nº 09-399 définissant les instruments de prévention des crues.

Le présent décret exécutif définit les instruments de prévention des risques d'inondation par rupture des retenues des eaux superficielles et de prévision des crues pour la prévention des risques...
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Water Resources Management Rules, 2007 (L.N. No. 171 of 2007).

These Rules implement provisions of the Water Act, 2002. They shall apply to all policies, plans, programmes, and activities to which the Act applies. Matters covered by these Rules include: public no...
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Nature Conservation Ordinance.

This Ordinance makes provision with respect to the protection and conservation of wildlife in the Free State Province. It makes provision for, among other things, hunting and the protection of wild an...
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