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Game Act.

This Act provides rules for the management and conservation of game in Swaziland. "Game" includes royal game, large game and small game and the carcass, sinks, bones or horns of any head of ...
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Flora Protection Act.

The Minister may from time to time by notice in the Gazette: (a) include in, or delete from the Schedule the name of any species or kind of plant, shrub or tree indigenous to Southern Africa; (b) esta...
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Protection of Freshwater Fish Act, 1937.

This Act empowers the Minister to: (a) prescribe for any district, area of waters, the periods of close season within which it shall not be lawful to fish for, capture or destroy a particular kind or ...
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Loi nº 98-029 portant Code de l'eau.

Cette loi porte Code de l'eau. Elle est formée par 85 articles répartis en 6 titres, à savoir: Domaine public de l'eau (I); Gestion des ressources en eau (II); Surveillance et police des eau...
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Animal Health Act (Chapter 19:01).

The Minister of Agriculture shall indicate, in accordance with section 3, animals, diseases and pests subject to the provisions of the present Act. Regulation making powers of the Minister for purpose...
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Wildlife and National Parks Act 1993 (No. 13 of 1993).

This Act provides for the protection of fauna and flora in Mauritius and related matters such as administration of wildlife resources and the creation of nature reserves.
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Fertilisers, Farm Feeds and Remedies Act (No. 12 of 1970).

"Remedy" is a substance for the fighting of noxious pests or diseases affecting plants or animals. Section 2 also defines "farm feed". No person shall sell fertilizers, farm feed o...
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Loi-cadre nº 96-766 portant Code de l'environnement.

Cette loi, portant Code de l'environnement, est formée de 141 articles répartis en 5 titres, à savoir: Définitions, objectifs et domaine d'application (I); Environnement (II); Dispositions g...
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Law No. 5/87 approving the Sanitary Regulation.

This Law approves the Sanitary Regulation of the Popular Republic of Angola. It consists of 13 chapters concerning several aspects of the hygiene and sanitary procedures to be applied, such as: (1) co...
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Land Act, 1999 (No. 4 of 1999).

An Act to provide for the administration of land and land tenure in Tanzania.
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