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Animal Health Act (Chapter 19:01).

The Minister of Agriculture shall indicate, in accordance with section 3, animals, diseases and pests subject to the provisions of the present Act. Regulation making powers of the Minister for purpose...
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Order No. 924/71 establishing the annual pause in tobacco cultivation.

This Order establishes the periods during which tobacco cultivation must be stopped in order to prevent plant diseases. It consists of 7 articles specifying these periods, according to geographical ar...
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Order No. 27/75 approving the Sanitary Regulation for Animal Production.

This Order regulates the sanitary measures to be applied for animal production. It consists of 12 chapters specifying the sanitary requirements to be satisfied in order to combat animal pests and dise...
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Meat Inspection Regulations.

Regulations to control the management of slaughterhouses, to provide for ante mortem and post mortem inspection by appointed meat inspectors and to propose measures for the prevention of animal diseas...
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Forestry Act 1998 (No. 17 of 1998).

The Act consists of 42 sections which are divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I); Tree tenure (II); Administration (III); Forest management (IV); Forest reserves, private forests and cooperative forest...
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Cotton Industry Act (Act No. 2 of 2001).

This Act provides for the establishment of the Tanzania Cotton Board as a body corporate and its functioning, regulates the cultivation of cotton, grading of cotton, trade in cotton, ginning and baili...
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Loi nº 2001-6 portant nomenclature et règlement zoo-sanitaire des maladies du bétail réputées légalement contagieuses et à déclaration obligatoire.

Cette loi fixe la liste des maladies réputées légalement contagieuses et, donc, soumises à déclaration obligatoire et donnant lieu à isolement obligatoire des animaux atteints ou suspects. La loi est ...
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Cotton Regulations, 2001 (G.N. No. 471 of 2001).

These Regulations provide for the management, protection, control, and promotion of the cotton cultivation and industry, and regulate the trade in selected cotton products and seed.
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Animal Diseases (Livestock Markets) Regulations, 2001 (G.N. No. 131 of 2001).

These Regulations regulate the disposal and purchase of livestock on markets, and classifies for this purpose markets in Primary Markets, Secondary Markets and Border Markets. A Primary Market is a pl...
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Locust Destruction Act of 1907.

This Act is composed of 10 articles. Title (art. 1). Power to enter on land and execute works (art. 2). Power to call on persons to assist in destruction of locusts (art. 3). Penalty for neglect to as...
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