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Wildlife Management Act No. 114.

The purpose of this Act is to ensure the species and singular stock of wildlife, and create a basis for proper management of wildlife resources and in particular: to protect wild animals, especially i...
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Presidential Decree No. 1217 concerning management and conservation of the natural reserve complex "Zavidovo" administered by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, which sanctions the legal status of the natural reserve complex "Zavidovo", considered as equal to a national park, and classified as prote...
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Ministerial Decree No. 1667 regarding the validation of the list of water basins containing precious natural resources garrisoned by the naval units jointly with the detachments of the Ministry of the Interior.

This Decree validates the list of water basins containing precious natural resources. It consists of 3 categories of water bodies. The first group specifies the harbours of the Baltic sea, the Barents...
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Oceans Act (S.C. 1996, c. 31).

An Act to make provision with respect to the maritime zones of Canada and enforcement of Canadian laws and international rules in those zones.
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Withdrawal from disposal Order Aulavik (Banks Island) National Park, Northwest Territories (SI/99-53).

The purpose of this Order is to withdraw certain lands from disposal to establish the Aulavik (Banks Island) National Park. Subject to section 4, the lands described in the Schedule are withdrawn from...
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Northwest Territories Reindeer Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1238).

These Regulations provide for the management and protection of reindeer in the Northwest Territories. The Superintendent may divide a reserve into grazing allotments and may change or modify the bound...
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Official Letter No. NP-61/383 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food regarding the modalities of licensing of boring for water abstraction purpose (except for thermal springs).

The purpose of this Official Letter is to demarcate the authority in the field of issuing licences for boring between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The Mi...
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Wildlife Area Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1609).

Regulations respecting the management of wildlife areas and the control thereof. "Wildlife area" means an area of public lands, the administration of which has been assigned to the Minister ...
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Forest Land Use and Management Regulations (Alta Reg. 197/76).

The lands described in the Appendix are set aside for recreational use. Certain restrictions are put in place for these areas in this Regulation and in addition the Minister may by order in writing re...
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Forest Recreation Regulation (Alta Reg. 343/79).

A Regulation to provide for the creation of forest land use zones and forest recreation trails and to regulate activities in such protected areas. Every person who is within a forest land use zone, fo...
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