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Act restricting the application sphere of Swedish law applicable to offences committed by foreign vessels (1996:517).

This Act places restricts on the application of Swedish law as to give effect to provisions of the Law of the Sea Convention of 1982. It applies to offences relative to the pollution of the sea enviro...
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Decree No. 5153-1 of 1993 of the Supreme Soviet regarding putting into effect of the Law "On certification of produce and service".

The Supreme Soviet decrees to put into effect this Law from the date of its official publication. The Government must revise and invalidate the legislative acts of the Ministries, State Committees, Co...
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Pesticide Residue Compensation Act (R.S.C. 1985, c. P-10).

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food may pay a farmer compensation for any loss suffered by the farmer as a result of the presence of pesticide residue in or on an agricultural product of that fa...
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Official Letter No. NP-61/383 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food regarding the modalities of licensing of boring for water abstraction purpose (except for thermal springs).

The purpose of this Official Letter is to demarcate the authority in the field of issuing licences for boring between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The Mi...
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Water Act, 1983.

An Act to regulate the management and conservation of water resources in Sweden, to provide for rights relating to the use of water, irrigation, drainage, water supply and projects relating to water, ...
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Federal Law No. 89-FZ on industrial and consumer waste.

This Federal Law determines the legal aspects of the treatment of industrial and consumer waste products for the purpose of the prevention hazardous impact of industrial and consumer waste products on...
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Decree of 1917 on land.

The Decree establishes that: 1). Landlord property rights are abolished immediately without any compensation. 2). Landlord country property, as well as other appanage land, monastic land and ecclesias...
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Federal Law FZ - 101 on state regulation of securing fertility of agricultural land.

This Federal Law establishes the legal basis for state regulation of securing fertility of agricultural land. The purpose of this law is to establish the legal foundations for state regulation of secu...
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Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR regarding carrying into effect of the "Land Code" of the RSFSR (No.1103/1 - I of 1991).

This Decree puts into effect the "Land Code" of the RSFSR. In the meantime the legislation of the RSFSR is applicable within the limits that it doesn't contradict the "Land Code&qu...
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Order No. 1172-I of 1991 of the President of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR regarding the strengthening of control and practical aid on the part of the Supreme Soviet in promoting land reform.

The people's deputies are entitled to verify the results of the application of the Russian land legislation and to make up for the deficiency and drawbacks in the promotion of land reform in acco...
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