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Federal Law No. 96-FZ regarding amendments and additions to the Federal Law on state regulation in the field of genetic engineering.

This Law introduces such notions as genetic therapy, emission in environment of genetically modified organisms , biological protection and transgenic organisms. Genetic therapy (genotherapy) is the to...
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Official Letter No. NP-61/383 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food regarding the modalities of licensing of boring for water abstraction purpose (except for thermal springs).

The purpose of this Official Letter is to demarcate the authority in the field of issuing licences for boring between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The Mi...
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Water Act, 1983.

An Act to regulate the management and conservation of water resources in Sweden, to provide for rights relating to the use of water, irrigation, drainage, water supply and projects relating to water, ...
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Statutory Order amending Statutory Order on the approval of experimental release and of marketing of genetically modified organisms (No. 800 of 1994).

The notification for a deliberate release, referred to in article 5 of the principal Order, and of the placing on the market referred to in article 11 shall include the information set out in Annex II...
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Regulation of the Federal Committee on Environmental Protection regarding keeping up of the Red Book (State Register of the endangered species).

This Regulation consists of X Parts. Part I lays down the general provisions. Part II regards the main provisions for keeping up of the Red Book. Part III deals with the data collection and the data a...
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Federal Law No. 4-FZ on land reclamation.

This Federal Law establishes the legal basis in the field of land reclamation, determines the authority of state executive bodies, local administrations as regards the regulation of the aforesaid acti...
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Ministerial Decree No. 374 regarding amendments and invalidation of some Ministerial Decrees regarding the Ministry of Public Health.

The Government decrees to validate the following amendments and to invalidate Ministerial decrees in accordance with the list. Item 2 of the Ministerial Decree No. 1242 acquires a new wording: "I...
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Federal Law No. 93-FZ on amendments to Administrative Code and Article 12 of the Law of the RSFSR on land charges.

Article 12 of the Law of the RSFSR on land charges is supplemented with item 23 of the following wording: “State unitary enterprises and state institutions that exploit state land reclamation systems ...
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Act No. 132 of 1999 on land use and building.

The objective of this Act is to ensure that the use of land and water areas and building activities on them create preconditions for a favourable living environment and promote ecologically, economica...
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Conservation Districts Regulation (Man. Reg.14/88).

The present Act implements the Conservation Districts Act (C-175). In particular, it refers to section 3 dealing with the Conservation Districts Commission.Subject to the approval of the Commission ar...
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