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Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management.

The Act provides for a national environment policy, national and regional environment plans, assessment of impact on the environment of projects and activities, management of natural resources, monito...
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Decree No. 58/74 creating the Natural Reserve of Chirindzene.

In order to preserve the ecosystem and in particular to protect endangered flora species, this Decree creates the Natural Reserve of Chirindzene, within the District of Gaza.
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Government Regulation No. 2.753 approving the Regulation of the Gorongosa National Park.

This Government Regulation approves the Statute regulating the Gorongosa National Park. It consists of 6 chapters specifying the requirements to be satisfied for the preservation of this protected are...
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Loi-cadre nº 96-766 portant Code de l'environnement.

Cette loi, portant Code de l'environnement, est formée de 141 articles répartis en 5 titres, à savoir: Définitions, objectifs et domaine d'application (I); Environnement (II); Dispositions g...
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Executive Order restoring to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources jurisdiction, control, management, and development of the Angat watershield reservation (No. 162 of 1994).

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 192 of 1987, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is the sole agency responsible for the conservation, management, development, and proper use of the cou...
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Resolution No. 8/97 approving the strategic policy for forestry and wildlife development.

This Resolution establishes the forest management and the wildlife protection policy. It consists of 74 articles concerning the use of natural resources within the forests of Mozambique. It specifies ...
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Regulation of Sichuan Province of PRC on Natural Forest Protection.

In view of protecting natural forest resources, preventing water and soil erosion, preserving and improving ecological environment in the upper reach of the Yangtze River and Yellow River, the Regulat...
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Décret nº 100/007 portant délimitation d'un parc national et de quatre réserves naturelles.

Ce décret porte délimitation d'un parc national (Parc national de la Kibira) et de quatre réserves naturelles forestières (Rusizi, Bururi, Rumonge-Vyanda et Kigwena) sur le territoire du Burundi ...
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Decision of the Head of the Agency for the Control of Environmental Impact No. KEP-23A/1998 re the guidelines of technical considerations on the establishment of Regional Agencies for the Control of Environmental Impact.

This Decision sets out criteria for evaluating the possibility of creation of Regional Agencies for the Control of Environmental Impact (BAPEDALDA). The general and technical procedure for assessment ...
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Joint Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs and the State Minister for the Supervision of the Development and the Living Environment regarding the Agency entrusted with the management of natural resources and the living environment in regions (No. 23 of 1979).

All Governors and Bupati/Walikotamadya being Heads of Regions are designated as public officers responsible for the management of natural resources and the living environment in their respective regio...
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