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Resolution No. 191 of 20 December 1997 the Revolution Command Council establishing the State Enterprise for Horticulture and Forests.

Establishing the State Enterprise for Horticulture and Forests connected with the Ministry of Agriculture enjoying the jurist personality and the financial and administrative independence. The Enterpr...
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Royal Decree and the Implementing Regulation No. M/12 concerning the marine scientific research regulations in marine territories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This Decree is composed of 19 articles and the application Form. This Regulation shall be applied to all territorial sea both in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf (art. 1). Terms and definition (art. 2). M...
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Agricultural Bank (Regulation No. 13 of 1959).

A Regulation to implement provisions of the Agricultural Bank Law with respect to the granting of loans to "cultivators". Loans may be granted for aquaculture projects (art. 2). Article 6 pr...
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Resolution No. 67 of 1993 promulgating Law No. 7 of 1993 establishing the Ministry of Agriculture.

This Law, consisting of 14 articles divided in 3 Sections, aims at re-establishing the Ministry of Agriculture. The Sections are: Establishment and Objectives (I); The Minister (II); and the Organizat...
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Resolution No. 1983/1 of 1965 regulating the fishing in the freshwater.

This Resolution is composed of 10 Chapters dividfed into 33 articles. Terms and definition (Chap. I). Fishing methods and gear (Chap. II): nets, explosives, poison and electricity (art. 2); fishing ve...
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Regulation of the National Authority for the Protection and Development of the Natural Primordial Wildlife.

This Regulation is divided into 15 articles. Creation of the National Commission for the Protection and Development of the natural primordial wildlife (art. 1). The principal objectives of the Commiss...
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Agrarian Reform Law No. 117 of 1970.

This Law consists of 5 Chapters divided into 52 articles: Definition of agricultural ownership (I); Distribution (II); Agricultural relations (III); Agricultural cooperative societies (IV); Miscellane...
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Resolution No. 15 of 2005 on procedures for obtaining or renewing fishing licences.

This Resolution lays down procedures for the obtainment or renewal of fishing licences. The present Resolution is composed of 9 articles and 1 Annex. Article 1 provides for the creation of the Registe...
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Legislative Decree No. 8 of 1997 amending Legislative Decree No. 21 of 1996 on environment.

This Legislative Decree adds to Legislative Decree No. 21 of 1996 on environment article 27b as follows: “imposing fees upon licences and services issued and offered by the Environmental Body which sh...
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Resolution No. 8/T of 3 January 2006 on the Agricultural Production Plan.

The aim of this Resolution is to define and regulate the agricultural production including animal and plant production. It is composed of 25 articles. Article 1 deals with the following matters: the A...
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