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Decree to regulate hunting for minke whales (No. 312 of 2000).

This Decree lays down rules for the correct hunting of minke whales. The principal rule that no unnecessary harm or pain shall be inflicted to the animals is worded in section 2. Article 2 prohibits t...
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Wildlife Management Act No. 114.

The purpose of this Act is to ensure the species and singular stock of wildlife, and create a basis for proper management of wildlife resources and in particular: to protect wild animals, especially i...
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Regulation No. 87 of 2000 of the State Committee of Statistics regarding the validation of statistical account forms for the Federal Fisheries Committee for the needs of supervision of fishing, protection and reproduction of precious fish stock.

This Regulation validates statistical account forms for the Federal Fisheries Committee. These forms are destined for data collection and reporting on the following topics: No. 63 on the use of fishin...
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Decree No. 633 of 2000 to amend the Decree to prohibit fishing for, catch periods, minimum size, and other matters relative to fishing for lobster, queen scallops, crabs and kamchatka crabs.

Section 3, here repealed prohibited the use of fish pots in specified areas and specified periods.
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Ministerial Decree No. 852 regulating hunting seasons, hunting gear and hunting methods.

The government of the Russian Federation, in order to put into practice the Federal Law on wildlife, confirms the Regulation on seasons of hunting, hunting gear and hunting methods of the wildlife spe...
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Ministerial Decree No. 167-p regulating purchase and sale of firearms and ammunition for civic use

In order to keep up the interest of state hunting organizations, hunting associations, natural and juridical persons, in maintaining and recreating of state wildlife species and in accordance with the...
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Ministerial Decree No. 728 on artisanal and sport hunting in the Russian Federation.

The present Ministerial Decree entitles all the citizens of the Russian Federation to hunt in compliance with the regulations in force. The hunting authorization is granted only to authorized persons,...
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Ministerial Decree No. 594 regarding partial amendments and modifications to Regulations on hunting and hunting areas of the Russian Federation.

This Ministerial Decree modifies the previous version by stating that all the citizens of full age (eighteen years of age) have the right to hunt on condition that they have passed exams on hunting me...
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Act No. 61 of 2000 to amend the Act relating to sea-water fisheries (general delimitation of application sphere).

The Department of Fisheries, may, by general Decree, prohibit fishing by vessels of a certain size, in the area within the baselines and in an area within a line drawn at a certain length from the bas...
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Decree No. 2185 of 1986 relative to the granting of permission to fish with trawling gear.

This Decree regulates the permission to engage in fishing with trawling gear and related matters such as transfer and restructuring of vessels. Trawling for shrimps is excluded from the application sp...
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