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Federal Law No. 27-FZ of 1995 on Underground Resources.

This Law establishes that those underground resources within the territory of the Russian Federation, including subsoil domain and mineral resources contained therein are state property. Therefore, su...
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Decree No. 263-SF of on the validation of the Federal Law on the amendments to the article 12 of the Law concerning royalties for the use of land.

This Decree validates Federal Law on the amendments to article 12 of the Law concerning royalties for the use of land. This Federal Law was previously adopted by the State Duma (Lower Chamber) of the ...
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Ministerial Decree No. 962 regarding additional measures for the preservation of marine biodiversity and the defence of the national marine fisheries of the Russian Federation in the Okhotsk sea basin.

The Government of the Russian Federation decrees as follows: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Committee on Fishery of the Russian Federation are entitled to conduct negotiations with coun...
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Federal Law No. 187-FZ of 1995 on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.

The continental shelf of the Russian Federation includes the seabed and subsoil layers of submarine areas laying beyond the boundaries of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation throughout the l...
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Act No. 68 of 2000 relative to charges on development and research in relation with fishery and other marine operations.

The aim of this Act is to strengthen the financing of if research and development of new techniques and adjustment to environmental requirements of the marine industry. The Department of Fisheries may...
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Presidential Decree No. 11 of 1997 regarding Federal Special Program (FSP) "World Ocean".

The Decree establishes that the strategy of Russia in the international fisheries organizations and international cooperation in the field of fisheries must be based upon the necessity to solve the is...
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Regulation No. 8 regarding the modalities and terms of refunding to the state budget of the charges for the use of subsoil.

The charges for the use of subsoil include the payments for the right to exploration and valuation of the deposits of minerals, their exploitation, the right to recycle geological waste products and i...
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Ordinance regarding charges under the Water Act, etc. (No. 945 of 1983).

A Regulation to make further provision with respect to various matters relative to charges imposed pursuant to provisions of the Water Act of 1983. Article 1 concerns charges to be paid by permit hold...
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Ministerial Decree No. 918 implementing the Law on the protection of selection achievements.

In accordance with the Law on the protection of selection achievements the Government decrees to validate the Regulation on royalties for issuing patents for selection achievements and the List of pla...
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Regulation of the Ministry of Economy regarding royalties for the use of port facilities in the mercantile sea ports.

The Regulation regards fishing vessels and other vessels of the Federal Fisheries Committee. The document consists of 9 paragraphs. Paragraph 1 lays down the general provisions. Paragraph 2 regards sh...
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