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Ministerial Decree No. 962 regarding additional measures for the preservation of marine biodiversity and the defence of the national marine fisheries of the Russian Federation in the Okhotsk sea basin.

The Government of the Russian Federation decrees as follows: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Committee on Fishery of the Russian Federation are entitled to conduct negotiations with coun...
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Presidential Decree No. 11 of 1997 regarding Federal Special Program (FSP) "World Ocean".

The Decree establishes that the strategy of Russia in the international fisheries organizations and international cooperation in the field of fisheries must be based upon the necessity to solve the is...
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Crown Property Regulations (Alta. Reg. 125/98).

A Regulation to prohibit certain activities on crown property and to provide for the control of movement of animals on such property. "Crown property" means: (i) any path, passageway, drivew...
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Regulation No. 155 of the Federal Forest Service regarding allotment and taxation of copsewood.

This Regulation is applicable in the forests of the Russian Federation for the purpose of the preparation of the copsewood for the main use, allotment of timber for logging, for sanitary and other typ...
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Ministerial Decree No. 551 validating the Regulation on sale of timber for forest harvest in public forest.

The present Decree establishes the modalities of allotment of cutting areas to forest users for the purpose of timber extraction, procurement of soft resin, intermediate felling, and other types of fe...
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Order No. MG-1-17-3/37 of the Federal Forest Service regarding licensing of timber extraction, logging and harvest of turpentine in public forest.

Timber extraction, logging and harvest of turpentine in public forest carried out by legal and natural persons shall be carried out in conformity with licence. The following types of timber extraction...
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Joint Regulation No. NP-4-02/199n of the Ministry of Finance, Federal Treasury Service and Federal Forest Service regarding the main provisions on the modalities and conditions of collecting forest taxes.

Forest taxes are imposed on all users of forestry resources except for lease-holders. Forest taxes on preferential terms are established by the Article 73 of the Basic Forestry Legislation. Forest tax...
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Special Forest Products Regulation (B.C. Reg. 355/87).

This regulation lists additional "special forest products" to those specified as special forest products in section 1 of the Forest Act, (sect. 1). Section 2 deals with stumpage.
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Land Actions Venue Act (R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 247).

This Act is divided into two sections as follows: 1 Short title and 2 Venue of action relating to land. The Act provides for the local justice centre areas to hear local trespass land actions, actions...
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Decree No. 1060 of 2006 to provide for a stop in fishing by coastal fishing vessels groups for mackerel with nets or line in 2006.

With this Directive, the Director of Fisheries, in accordance with section 27 of Decree No. 1589 of 2005 to regulate fishing for mackerel in 2006, effectively closes the season for fishing for mackere...
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