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Ministerial Decree No. 872 of 1998 on export control of marine fish stock outside customs zone of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of this Decree is to guarantee the complete collection of taxes and duties within the time limits imposed by law for export of marine fish stock and marine biodiversity carried out beyond ...
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Ministerial Decree No. 515 regulating fines for the damage caused by annihilation, fraudulent fishery or harvest of marine biodiversity.

The Government of the Russian Federation decrees to adopt the fines according to the prescribed scale for the damage caused by physical persons, stateless persons or juridical persons by annihilation,...
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Ministerial Decree No. 962 regarding additional measures for the preservation of marine biodiversity and the defence of the national marine fisheries of the Russian Federation in the Okhotsk sea basin.

The Government of the Russian Federation decrees as follows: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Committee on Fishery of the Russian Federation are entitled to conduct negotiations with coun...
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Ministerial Decree No. 997 of 1996 regarding the validation of the Requirements for the prevention of annihilation of wildlife species in working processes, in the process of exploitation of arterial roads, pipe-lines, communication lines and power lines.

This Decree validates the requirements. The document is sub-divided into VII parts. Part I lays down the General Provisions. Part II formulates the Requirements for the agricultural working processes....
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Presidential Decree No. 11 of 1997 regarding Federal Special Program (FSP) "World Ocean".

The Decree establishes that the strategy of Russia in the international fisheries organizations and international cooperation in the field of fisheries must be based upon the necessity to solve the is...
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Decree No. 5153-1 of 1993 of the Supreme Soviet regarding putting into effect of the Law "On certification of produce and service".

The Supreme Soviet decrees to put into effect this Law from the date of its official publication. The Government must revise and invalidate the legislative acts of the Ministries, State Committees, Co...
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Preliminary Screening Requirement Regulations (S.O.R./99-12).

For the purpose of subsection 124(1) of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, a regulatory authority or a designated regulatory agency that receives an application for a licence, permit or oth...
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Water Act, 1983.

An Act to regulate the management and conservation of water resources in Sweden, to provide for rights relating to the use of water, irrigation, drainage, water supply and projects relating to water, ...
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Water Right Ordinance.

A Regulation to implement provisions of the Water Act of 1983.
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Water Book Ordinance (No. 789 of 1983).

Every Water Court shall maintain a list of water projects in a water book for their jurisdictional district. The Book shall be organized in 4 divisions: water projects and water works designed to use ...
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