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Decision No. 36 on professional licensing for managing forests and pastures.

The Decision defines the authority of the General Department of Forests and Pastures, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, to create a commission to issue professional licences in the field of ...
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Decree-Law No. 213/90 establishing the legal regime governing breeders' rights in new plant varieties.

This Decree-Law establishes the legal regime governing breeders' rights in new plant varieties. Breeders' rights may be accorded solely in respect of those plant varieties which, according t...
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Hunting Law No. 3167

This Law set forth basic legislation on hunting activity. Game animals are classified under the following three classes:
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Wildlife Management Act No. 114.

The purpose of this Act is to ensure the species and singular stock of wildlife, and create a basis for proper management of wildlife resources and in particular: to protect wild animals, especially i...
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Regulation on products of animal origin in external trade and transit.

This Regulation contains the list of products of animal origin for which external trade and transit is permitted without authorization of the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
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Regulation No. 232 of the Ministry of Natural Resources on the validation of the list of documents for the licensing of the waterworks use.

This Regulation validates the list of types of special water uses for waterworks (Annex I), forms of licences for water uses for waterworks and the form of General Licence, the forms of registers for ...
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Order No. 104 of the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding implementation of the Ministerial Decree No. 383.

This Order compels local branches, territorial organs, local basin institutions and regional geological survey centres and territorial geological committees to implement the provisions of Ministerial ...
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Animal Disease Regulations (Exhibitions), 1969.

These Regulations prescribe the need to receive a permit in writing before holding an exhibition of animals (reg. 1). Regulations 2 and 3 establish terms and conditions for the request of a permit and...
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Poultry Hatcheries Act, 1947.

No person shall operate a poultry hatchery save under and in accordance with a poultry hatchery licence (sect. 8). The Minister may, in his absolute discretion, grant or refuse to grant to any person ...
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Loi nº 2000-698 relative à la chasse.

La présente loi établit les règles générales relatives à la chasse, selon le principe de base énoncé à l'article 1er, à savoir: "Le Gouvernement déposera, avant le 31 décembre 2000, un rappo...
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