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Arrêté du 27 juin 2000 relatif aux modalités de réalisation de la certification de l'ascendance et de la filiation des bovins.

La certification de filiation est fondée sur: un engagement volontaire du détenteur naisseur, qui doit souscrire au contrat d'engagement présenté par l'établissement départemental ou interdé...
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Animal Premium Ordinance 2000.

An Ordinance to implement various EC Directives on premiums for breeding of cattle and sheep as listed in article 1. The related application forms must be addressed to the regional Chamber of Commerce...
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Regional Act No. 19 setting out the rules for the protection of hydrobiological resources and of fish population and providing for in internal and maritime waters fisheries in the Veneto Region.

The purposes of this Act are the protection of fish population in the Veneto Region and the regulation of the fisheries and aquaculture activities in maritime waters, established under Presidential De...
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Ministerial Decree No. 962 regarding additional measures for the preservation of marine biodiversity and the defence of the national marine fisheries of the Russian Federation in the Okhotsk sea basin.

The Government of the Russian Federation decrees as follows: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Committee on Fishery of the Russian Federation are entitled to conduct negotiations with coun...
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Mercantile Marine Act, 1955.

"Ship" includes every description of vessel used in navigation not propelled by oars. "Part II provides for assignment of the Irish nationality ships, national colours and character. Se...
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Act implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 820/97 of 21 April 1997 regarding the labelling of beef and beef products.

Part 1 of the present Act contains an Act implementing the Council Regulation (EC) No 820/97 establishing a system for the identification and registration of bovine animals and criteria for the labell...
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Animal Diseases Regulations (Registration, Marking and Transport of Cattle), 1976

These Regulations are divided into three chapters. Chapter One gives general definitions of the following Regulations. Chapter Two (sects. 2-16) provides for registration certificate and marking of ca...
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Presidential Decree No. 11 of 1997 regarding Federal Special Program (FSP) "World Ocean".

The Decree establishes that the strategy of Russia in the international fisheries organizations and international cooperation in the field of fisheries must be based upon the necessity to solve the is...
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Council of Ministers Resolution No. 136/99 approving the Land use Planning of Coastal zone of Sado-Sines (POOC).

This Council of Ministers Resolution approves the Land use Planning of Coastal zone of Sado-Sines with the purpose of a better exploitation of water and land resources, in compliance with the environm...
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Cattle Identification (Enforcement) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1998 (S.R. No. 27 of 1998).

These Regulations create offences for breach of various provisions of Council Regulation 820/97/EC establishing a system for the identification and registration of bovine animals and regarding the lab...
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