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Decision No. 20/2000/QD-BTC issuing the table of charge and fee rates for aquatic resources protection.

Aquatic resources protection fees and rates, specified in the Schedule to this Decision of the Ministry of Finance, shall be paid by Vietnamese and foreign organizations and individuals conducting &qu...
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Decision No. 02/1999/QD-TTg on the establishment of the Management Board of the techno-economic program for biological technology.

The Board here established pursuant to a Decision of the prime Minister shall assist the Prime Minister in implementing Resolution No. 18-CP of 11 March 1994 on the development of biotechnology in Vie...
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Order of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers urgent measures to stop immediately deforestation (No. 90-CT).

This Order decrees drastic measures to stop further damage to forest resources: the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism and the Ministry of Forestry shall at once stop the issuance of export licenses for...
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Framework Act on Marine Development.

The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the development of the national economy and the improvement of the national welfare by providing the direction of the Government's basic policy necessa...
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Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone Act 1996 (Act No. 220 of 1997).

An Act to establish a territorial sea and an EEZ of Niue and to regulate fisheries and the conservations of living resources in fishery waters of Niue.
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Marshall Islands Marine Resources Act 1997.

An Act to make provision for the management, conservation and development of fisheries resources of the Marshall Islands and the development of the fisheries industry, and in relation with this the es...
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Tamil Nadu Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1983 (Act No. 8 of 1981).

This Act consists of 27 sections divided into 4 Chapters: Preliminary (I); Regulation, restriction, or prohibition of fishing in the specified area (II); Penalties (III); Miscellaneous (IV).
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Administrative Order providing for the coordination mechanism and funding for the Implementation of the Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance for the Conservation and Protection of Renewable Resources (MCS-CPRR) System for the Republic of the Philippines (No. 201).

The Cabinet Committee on Maritime and Ocean Affairs shall coordinate the establishment of the mechanism to aid in the implementation of the Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance for the Conservation a...
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Presidential Decree amending Presidential Decree No. 704 by increasing the penalties for certain forms of illegal fishing, dealing in illegally caught fish or fishery/aquatic products, and for other purposes (No. 1058).

It shall be unlawful for any person to catch, take or gather or cause to be caught, taken or gathered fish or fishery/aquatic products in the Philippine waters with the use of explosives, obnoxious or...
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Decision No.02/1999/QD-BNN-PTLN issuing the Regulation on Exploitation of Timber and Forests Products.

The Regulation provides for State management of exploitation of timber and other forest products of natural forests and planted forests, excluding exploitation in special-use forest areas (art. 2). Ex...
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