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Decision No. 155/1999/QD-TTg promulgating the Regulation on management of hazardous waste.

This Regulation, which implements the Environment protection Law, prescribes rules for the management of hazardous waste.
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Forest Produce Transport Rules 1975.

These Rules shall apply to the whole North-West Frontier Province except the Hazara District. All transport of timber, firewood, or other forest produce obtained form reserved forests, protected fores...
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Establishment of Sale Depots and Sawing Units Rules, 1975.

No person shall establish or maintain a depot or saw mill unless the depot or mill is registered with the Office of the Forest Division in which the depot or mill is situated. The Officer in charge ma...
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Punjab Forest (Sale of Timber) Act, 1913 (Act No. III of 1913).

In order to provide for the control of the sale of timber and the establishment of sale depots for such timber, the Provincial Government may, by Notification in the Official Gazette: (a) provide for ...
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Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 1989.

These Rules regulate the collection, reception, treatment, storage and disposal of "hazardous wastes", which means categories of wastes specified in the Schedules attached to these Rules. Th...
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Hazara Forest Act, 1936.

This Law shall apply to the whole of the Hazara District and part of the Merdan District. It provides rules with respect to reserved, forests, waste lands, and regulates the use of forest resources an...
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Government Regulation No. 7 of 1973 re control on the distribution, storage and use of pesticides.

Article 1 defines "pesticides", "storage", "use", and "applicant". Use of pesticides is prohibited if the pesticide is not registered and or permit in accordanc...
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Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 514/Kpts/TP.270/7/1996 regarding the registration and fixed licensing of pesticides.

This Decree provides for registration and licensing of pesticides listed in the Schedule to this Decree pursuant to article 7 of Decree No. 280/Kpts/Um/6/1973. The registration holders shall be grante...
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Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 941/Kpts/PL.810/10/97 to amend the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 508/Kpts/PL.810/7/96 Re Supplies of Fishing Vessels and the Abolition of the System of Hiring Fishing Vessels with Foreign Flags.

Article 4 is amended with respect to approval of importation of fishing vessels and fish transport vessels by the Minister of Agriculture. These vessels shall be made of steel and used vessels shall n...
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Regulations on the Implementation of the People's Republic of China Forestry Law.

The Regulation is formulated according to the Forestry Law of the People's Republic of China. It consists of 7 Chapters, i.e. I. General Provisions II. Forest Management and Administration III. F...
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