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Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

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Constitution of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

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Constitution of Andorra.

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Constitution of the Argentine Nation.

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Decreto Supremo Nº 012-2009-MINAM ─ Política Nacional del Ambiente.

La Política Nacional del Ambiente es un instrumento de carácter multisectorial y cobertura nacional, que se sustenta en los principios contenidos en la Ley General del Ambiente y que tiene como objeti...
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Constitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

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Decreto Nº 7-99: Ley de Dignificación y Promoción Integral de la Mujer.

La presente Ley tiene como objetivos: a) promover el desarrollo integral de la mujer y su participación en todos los niveles de la vida económica, política y social de Guatemala; b) promover el desarr...
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Regional Law No. 167-OZ “On some issues of the organization of protection of public health”.

This Regional Law regulates some issues in the sphere of protection of public health. Regional Government shall have the following competence: (a) protection of human rights in the sphere of health pr...
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Regional Law No. 569-95 “On social nutrition”.

The scope of this Regional Law shall be to ensure the right of some categories of citizens to have access to social nutrition and organization of social nutrition. Organization of social nutrition sha...
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Workplace Safety and Health Act (C.C.S.M. c W210).

The objects and purposes of this Act are: a) to secure workers and self-employed persons from risks to their safety, health and welfare arise out of, or in connection with, activities in their workpla...
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