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Sustainability of Nonconsumptive and Consumptive Uses of Wild Species

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 1993 Literature

Illegal International Trade in Forest Products

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 1995 Literature

The unsustainable commercial trade in wild meat

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 1999 Literature
تحميل: [ WCC_2000_RES_64_EN.pdf ]

Indigenous peoples’ rights in the management of protected areas fully or partially in the territories of indigenous peoples

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 2007 Literature

International policy against shark finning

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 2007 Literature

Enhancing anti-poaching and wildlife resource protection efforts, using rhino and elephant as indicators

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 2011 Literature
تحميل: [ WCC_2012_RES_24_EN.pdf ]

Regulation of the ivory trade in Zaire

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 1977 Literature

Die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen eines Bundes-Wasserentnahmeentgeltgesetzes

Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany | Literature

A model for Africa: Ethiopia 's efforts to close unregulated domestic ivory markets in Addis Ababa

Cambridge, UK | Literature

In Transition: Bangkok's Ivory Market

Cambridge, UK | 31 Dec 2015 Literature
تحميل: [ MON-091142.pdf ]