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Adressing Transnational Wildlife Crime through a Protocol to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime - A Scoping Paper

Bonn, Germany | 31 Dec 2013 Literature
تحميل: [ MON-092691.pdf ]

Die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen eines Bundes-Wasserentnahmeentgeltgesetzes

Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany | Literature

The Oxford Handbook of International Climate Change Law

Oxford, UK | 31 Dec 2015 Literature
تحميل: [ MON-091265TOC.pdf ]

The CITES treaty and compliance: progress or jeopardy?

London, UK | 31 Dec 2003 Literature

The Enforcement of Waste Law in Northern Ireland: Deterrence, Dumping and the Dynamics of Devolution

Oxford, UK | Literature

Enforcement of Environmental Law: Good Practices from Africa,Central Asia, ASEAN Countries and China

Nairobi, Kenya | 31 Dec 2013 Literature
تحميل: [ MON-091076.pdf ]

ASEAN Handbook on legal cooperation to combat wildlife crime

Bangkok, Thailand | 31 Dec 2015 Literature
تحميل: [ MON-090732.pdf ]

Geothermiebohrungen: Zulassungen und Haftung

Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany | Literature

Innovation in environmental policy: Economic and legal aspects of recent developments in environmental enforcement and liability

Aldershot, UK | 31 Dec 1991 Literature

Enforcing pollution, control regulation: Strengthening sanctions and improving deterrence

Oxford, United Kingdom | 31 Dec 2008 Literature