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Illegal trade in wildlife

The United Nations Environment Assembly, Deeply concerned about the increasing scale of illegal trade in wildlife and its products, including forest products, including timber, and marine species, an...
Decision   in Environmental Governance, Biodiversity, Financing & Trade, Species

Compliance and enforcement

Decision   in Biodiversity
تحميل: [ E-Res-11-03-R17A.pdf ]

Conservation of and trade in African and Asian rhinoceroses

Decision   in Biodiversity
تحميل: [ E-Res-09-14-R17.pdf ]

Enforcement of the Convention and efforts to combat illegal traffic

Decision   in المواد الكيميائية والنفايات

Addressing the interpretation of paragraph 5 of article 17 of the Basel Convention

Decision   in المواد الكيميائية والنفايات

Illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products

The United Nations Environment Assembly, Recalling its resolution 1/3 on illegal trade in wildlife, Welcoming the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of resolution 69/314 on tackling illi...
Decision   in Environmental Governance, Biodiversity

Fact Sheet on Wildlife Crime

Document   in Biodiversity

Conservation of and trade in helmeted hornbill

Decision   in Biodiversity
تحميل: [ E-Res-17-11.pdf ]

Prohibiting, preventing, detecting and countering corruption, which facilitates activities conducted in violation of the Convention

Decision   in Biodiversity
تحميل: [ E-Res-17-06.pdf ]

Presentation of INTERPOL on Environmental Security

Document   in المواد الكيميائية والنفايات